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Last updated: 10/11/2019 8:31:03 PM Central Time
 NameDOBRaceGenderArrest Date
ALLEN, JEREMY ALEXANDER03/30/1993WhiteMale10/08/2019
BENOIT, TERRY JOSEPH03/10/1954WhiteMale10/10/2019
BURNWORTH, DERRECK LEE08/20/1978WhiteMale01/31/2019
CARLIN, DENNIS P09/17/1968WhiteMale10/03/2019
CLOSTIO, PAUL DOUSSARD11/09/1985WhiteMale09/28/2019
CRAMER, NICHOLAS JAMES12/06/2000WhiteMale08/25/2019
EDWARDS, RICKY LEE07/04/1981WhiteMale10/01/2019
ELLENDER, KENNETH WAYNE12/04/1955WhiteMale09/01/2019
LEBLANC, JONATHAN MATTHEW11/28/1990WhiteMale09/24/2019
MEO, DRU LYN06/18/1989WhiteFemale10/06/2019
MOLL, JEREMY F07/05/1985BlackMale10/10/2019
SAVOIS, JONATHAN MICHAEL08/04/1995WhiteMale09/30/2019
WATSON, JERRY LEE10/08/1978BlackMale08/26/2019